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We are metal roofing expert! It is our pleasure to answer all your questions about us and our jobs.

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Metal Roofing FAQs

  • Do I need to remove my existing roofing shingles?

Most households in the GTA have traditional shingle roofs which must be replaced every 10 years. Which creates a lot of waste. Therefore we normally installing your steel roof over existing shingles; saving time, money and eliminating waste.

  • What makes Rainbow Metal Roofing different with other metal roofing companies?

At Rainbow Roofing we are committed to delivering excellent products and service to our customers in the Greater Toronto Area and across Southern Ontario. We believe in always honouring all commitments that we make to our clients. That, with our best in the industry quality Swedish steel roofing sets us apart. It gives us satisfaction in knowing that all our customers receive a stellar service, professional workmanship, and top value for their money.

  • What is Rainbow Metal Roofing Warranty?

We offer a 50 years warranty on all our metal roofing.

  • Are metal roofs expensive?

Over the life of your home, metal roofing is the most economical roofing option, because it can be the last roof you need to install. The initial cost for your metal roof is carefully calculated. Factors such as slope, access, colour and style all need to be determined before any pricing accuracy is possible.

  • Which metal is better, steel or aluminium?

Both aluminium and steel have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. We offer and install all both steel and aluminium and work to educate you on which product will be the best solution for you.

  • Are steel roofs noisy?

It is true that on a barn roof, where the metal is visible from the interior of the structure, the roof will be noisy during a rain storm. On a residence metal roof however, the roof is installed over the existing shingles. Furthermore the attic space and insulation serve as additional sound barriers.

  • What will it look like?

Rainbow Metal Roofing offers a wide variety of styles and colours, which will create an upscale look to your property. The traditional look of metal roofing is a long panel or corrugated. We offer numerous other cost effective designs, materials and colours to complete your metal roof system.

  • How do I save money on my cooling and heating?

In the winter time your roof will be better insulated than a traditional asphalt shingle roof; keeping in the warm air as you heat your property. In the summer time the roof will reflect the sun, keeping your house cooler and saving on air conditioning costs.

  • Does a metal roof attract lightning?

Lightning is attracted to the highest point, not necessarily metal. A metal roof has no greater chance of being hit by lightning than any other type of roof.

  • What happens to steel roofs in a fire?

Steel roofs are fire resistant.

  • How will a steel roof installation help my attic ventilation?

The ventilation in your attic is very important. By installing our steel roof you will feel an improvement in the heating and cooling of your home by 1/3. The windows and doors in your home will last longer. Lastly, you will have no mould or mildew in your attic as a steel roof is properly insulated.

  • What is the benefit of a metal roof installation in winter?

Traditional shingles can not be installed in the winter season. A metal roof can be installed in any season. Our Metal Roofing systems are specifically designed to stop ice damming and snow build up.

  • Why finance a metal roof?

Metal roofs do cost more than a standard shingle roof, therefore a good solution to your financial concerns is financing your new Rainbow metal roof. We create a market-leading payment solution that allows you to apply for affordable monthly payment plans for your metal project. Unlike shingles, a metal roof will add value to your property as it will be protected from fire, water and pests. Our financing is a fast and easy application process with competitive rates and flexible plans.

  • How do I save money on my home insurance?

Contact your home insurance provider and ask them about qualifying for insurance savings when you have a metal roof installed.

  • Are metal roofs pest proof?

Yes metal roofs are pest proof. Shingles are easily chewed or ripped off, making them an easy access point for pests. Our installers will put your metal roof on top of your pre-existing shingles, providing a double barrier from pests entering your attic. However, it is important when replacing your shingle roof with our metal roof to ensure that all components of your roof, chimney, garage and soffit are securely closed off.

  • 50 Year Warranty

Our steel roofs are designed for demanding Canadian climate and withstand years and years of fluctuating conditions, from spring rains, summer heat to ice-cold winter. All our steel roofing materials come with the automatic manufacturer guaranty and our comprehensive "Iron Clad" lifetime, limited non-prorated transferable warranty.


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