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metal roofing Oakville

Metal Roofing


Why Choose Metal Roofing?


Metal roofing is the most durable material you can choose for your home’s roof.

Not only do metal roofs provide more than 50 years – over half a century!

– of protection, It is beautiful, eco-friendly and increases your home's value while reducing your energy costs. With a Rainbow Metal Roof installed, you will never need to re-roof again.

metal roofing better than shingle

Metal Roofing Advantages

  1. Lifetime roofing solution with no maintenance or repair costs

  2. Exceptional curb appeal that raises your property/resale value

  3. Increases energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling costs

  4. Prevents toxic mould growth in your attic insulation

  5. Eliminates ice dams and prevents leaks

  6. Fire, wind and hail resistant

  7. Raccoon & pest proof roof solution

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Our strength

We offer exclusive modern European style metal roofing. Our roofs are extremely durable, require no maintenance, provide long term savings and come with 50 year guarantee against corrosion. We are determined to provide you with the right product, of the right quality, at the right price. We treat every roof as if it were our own and take all the steps required to ensure that every project meets our highest standards

At Rainbow Roofing, not only do we excel at providing the highest quality metal roofing, but we also assist, educate, guide, and work with our customers on an on-going basis, allowing us to ensure complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Our mission is to become the solution to all of our customer’s roofing needs by providing the highest quality metal roofing and exceptional customer service.

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